Chasing Squirrel

Chasing Squirrel - Behind the Scenes


Pretty wonderful stuff. “Chasing Squirrel,” by Trey McIntyre is an audacious ballet. With their hair frizzed within an inch of its life, the women look like a cross between the Bride of Frankenstein and a Jean-Paul Gaultier runway show. Indeed, the whole ballet is a visual and kinetic extravaganza; men in red suits and white fedoras, a stage-sized wall covered with flower-filled vases, and at the heart of it all, movement that is eccentric, playful, sensuous and occasionally downright dangerous. There are even moments of tenderness, like the understated duet by Janessa Touchet and Sergey Pakharev. But mostly, it’s a glorious collection of edgy stuff, most memorably a raw, exuberant, testosterone-fueled men’s dance and Sarah Hairston’s bump-and-grind seductress, as savage as she is irresistible.
-Cincinnati Inquirer

Trey McIntyre could hardly have come along at a better time.
-Denver Post

A giant dose of momentum, paired with sexy couplings, propelled "Chasing Squirrel." (The women) with giant teased hair and short skirts, were leggy Latin ladies on pointe who left their eager macho suitors, (the men) trembling in their wake. A dance hall scene let the men in red zoot suits and white fedoras bound off each other to impress the girls, who showed plenty of attitude. A sexy chase, full of fast-and-furious-footwork…performed to a distinctly Latin beat.
-Cincinnati Inquirer


Kronos Quartet


Running Time: 22 minutes
Premiered: 2004 by The Cincinnati Ballet


Costume Design: Sandra Woodall
Lighting Design: Trad Burns