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Trey McIntyre Today
Really excited about the Super Bowls.

Ashley Werhun Today
Sitting next to ppl on a first date. Happy that my MacBook doesn't talk back. #single and #productive

Brett Perry Today
Thanks for an epic night @treefortfest! So ready for #TreefortV Woohoo!!!!!

Trey McIntyre Today
RT @BalletX: Our Winter Series opens 2/10! Works by Choreographic Fellow @yinyuedance, @TreyMcIntyre and @MatthewNeenan

Ashley Werhun Today
RT @fariharoisin: #Formation has narrative —it's politically engaging —historically accurate —has a global message —beautifully shot (grea…

Ashley Werhun Today
@FABarnhill for real #Formation I just slayed my emails slayed the dishes slayed making a latte. My attitude onwards is simply- slay.

Trey McIntyre Yesterday
@piersmorgan It's none of your business.

Brett Perry Feb. 5, 2016
I love this umbrella! Hey @CityOfBoise, let's make this happen!

TreyMcIntyreProject Feb. 5, 2016
RT @TreyMcIntyre: Thanks @dancehunter for the great profile in @Dance_Magazine !

Brett Perry Feb. 5, 2016
RT @preshallband: Happy Mardi Gras!!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎭

Brett Perry Feb. 4, 2016
RT @treefortfest: L👀K! #Treefort2016 is listed on @pitchfork's #festival guide 😘

Brett Perry Feb. 4, 2016
RT @jmschert: Thank you @CityofVancouver for inviting me to facilitate a conversation on creative process today. #Vancouver

Ashley Werhun Feb. 4, 2016
First try of my @apollawear Infinites with traction. Feeling a difference with all of the…

Ashley Werhun Feb. 3, 2016
Criticized for being too muscular but praised for my strength. Reminder that inner strength is what matters #strongballerinas #arebeautiful

Trey McIntyre Feb. 3, 2016
Thanks @dancehunter for the great profile in @Dance_Magazine !

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